Basic Baby & Childcare Course

  • Covering all aspects of your baby’s daily care, health and safety.
  • A must for all childcare workers and first time moms, covering the first weeks and year of baby’s life as well and care for the older child.
  • Covering: sterilising of bottles, making up feeds, winding baby, basic stimulation, baby massage, sleep routines, discipline, changing of nappies, care of sensitive areas and nappy rash, taking a temperature, and more!

“Save-a-child” First Aid Course

  • Don’t leave it until it’s too late! Please make sure you do a first aid course!
  • Essential lifesaving skills for parents, domestics, Au pairs, teachers, friends and family.
  • Covering:  CPR, Choking, Drowning, Poisoning, Fevers, Fits, breathing difficulties etc– as well as accident prevention and activating medical emergency services.
  • Suppliers of a wonderful first aid kits for little ones for only
  • A discount is given if both parents attend. The group is kept small to ensure optimal practice and attention.
  • Discounts available for first aid courses held by a school.
  • We also do just the CPR & choking as a separate course.
  • Either course can also be done at your venue/home provided that there are a minimum of 4 couples/8 people or it can be done at EduCare.
  • EARN 2500 Discovery Vitality points per member!!!

Cooking and Nutrition for kids

  • Of the utmost importance in this developmental stage!
  • Cooking for babies and kids – a course tailored to suit Domestics, Moms or even Grannies!
  • Covering more than 80 recipes, cooking methods, hygiene, feeding tips etc.
  • Lovely demo’s, lovely food to taste, a stunning recipe book to take home!!!

 Developmental Stimulation

  • Equip yourself or your child-minder with the skills necessary to boost the development and brainpower of your child. This class is also great for moms wanting to start a playgroup or nursery school teachers.
  • Covering creative play, music, crafts, games, rhythm and rhymes, language and reading skills, bilingualism, social skills, arts, crafts, songs, a stage-by-stage development plan and much more.
  • Practical, fun, easy to apply principles. Learn to have fun with your child!Course is aimed at getting kids school ready!


  • This course gives your housekeeper the skills & knowledge necessary to run a household effectively. Includes modules such as time management, room by room cleaning process, basic cooking, communication, care & use of household equipment, home security, hygiene and more.
  • Organizational skills such as dealing with housework & childcare are also dealt with.

Au Pair/ Super nanny Course

  • Our most popular and recommended course – don’t you want a Super nanny caring for your precious one?
  • A combination of all the above child care courses at a discounted price!!
  • This exciting course is loved by our delegates as it’s very interactive.
  • Suitable for Nannies, Au pairs, Classroom assistants & Baby sitters

Courses are designed by a registered nurse/midwife/accredited First Aid trainer and a qualified teacher, in consultation with childcare experts. Courses are very “hands on” and practical with easy to follow, well illustrated manuals.