What kind of placements we offer

  • Domestic Nannies
  • Domestic Workers/ Housekeepers
  • Au Pairs
  • Chars (cleaners)
  • Fixed term/ contract workers (Max 3 weeks)

 What are our charges?

Please contact us directly for our fees

 What are you paying for?

  • The interview fee covers the cost and effort involved in pre-screening and arranging interviews for you.
  1.  For a full time worker, the fee covers up to 5 interviews with candidates pre-selected according to the criteria laid out by yourself in the questionnaire we send to you.
  2. For a part time domestic worker, the fee covers up to 3 interviews with candidates pre-selected according to the criteria laid out by yourself in the questionnaire we send to you
  3. For an Au Pair placement, we offer up to 3 interviews, with candidates pre-selected according to the criteria laid out by yourself in the questionnaire we send to you
  4. For a temporary or fixed term worker, we normally choose someone on your behalf, but if you require interviews, we charge R50 per interview. If you really feel that the candidate selected on your behalf did not meet your criteria, we will offer another candidate if so required.
  •  The placement fee covers the placement and an excellent employment contract, UIF registration guide and disciplinary procedures! If you would like us to sit down with your domestic worker and yourself to explain the contents we will do so. This is often advisable as we are a neutral party.

 What guarantees do we offer?

  •  Due to the nature of our business, we DO NOT give guarantees, but we really do try and make sure that our customers are happy! We realize that word of mouth advertising is one of our most important forms of publicity, and we know that bad publicity is NOT what we want, so we really will try our best for you, but there are limits to what is reasonable to expect and what is not!
  • If within a month of your new employee commencing service, he/she either proves to be unsuitable or does not fulfil the duties required of him/her, we will contact your second or third choice of your interview list, and see if they are still available. If you did not at that time interview all 5 (or 3) candidates you were entitled to, we will arrange those outstanding interviews should you so require.
  • Please remember that it is not normally reasonable to expect an unemployed person to wait for too long before commencing employment, so we normally require that you commence employment within at most, 2 weeks from interviews, unless you are prepared to pay a retainer. If you wait longer than two weeks, and if by that time the candidate has found alternative employment, then it would be unreasonable to blame us!
  • Please remember your interview fee covers your interviews up to the maximum allowed and further interviews are charged at R50 per interview.
  • We offer a one month replacement option on the nanny/Au Pair. If within or at the end of the first month you would like to replace the candidate, you are not liable for any further payments. After the first month you will only have to pay the placement fee again. If after three months you want to replace the lady you are responsible to pay the full registration & placement again.

 What we expect from you:

  •  We need you to be realistic in your expectations. If you expect an outstanding employee, then you need to be prepared to pay an above average salary! Please remember that a really good candidate will be able to pick and choose, and even if she initially agrees to a low salary and/or long hours, she is not likely to last with you for very long. Candidates that are not happy will become problems!
  • We expect you to adhere to the conditions of employment in accordance with the Labour relations act with regard to hours and salary requirements. Your employment contract is included in the placement fee and we highly recommend that this be put into placement as soon as possible.
  • We need you to be clear as to what you expect and need, and to fill out the questionnaire as clearly as possible.
  • If you cancel interviews once the ladies have been booked and they have traveled here you are responsible for R30 per lady for their travel that was not necessary.

 How to proceed:

  •  If you would like to use our services, you will need to complete the profile and contract form below.
  • Once we have received your application and contract, we will proceed with your placement.
  • Please note that because of our strict criteria that nannies must fulfill when registering with us we may need a few weeks to find your special person, however depending on your criteria we do usually have nannies available for interviews within 3 working days of receiving your info!