On behalf of everyone I would just like to say thank you for a wonderful course! We found it informative and fun and we really appreciated you coming in for the extra session to finish the content off – Wendy wake


I just would like to say that I am so impressed with your knowledge. I liked the Child Development and CPR Training a lot. I have been telling all my friends about it.It is so wonderful that South Africa has people like you to help this country to grow. – Mila Olivier


I just want to say thank you so much for the week that just passed. It was really so educational and fun! I am 100% more confident in what I do and know that this week will make me a better child care provider.Thank you again!
Carike Nieuwoudt


Just wanted to let you know that my youngest baby, Antoinette, (11 months) choked last week and I knew exactly what to do, thanks to you! I hit her so hard on the back, the object came flying. Before I did the course I would’ve lifted her arms, and I dread to think what would have happened!Just thank you again for a great CPR-course! That was the best Valentine’s gift we ever gave each other!- Gwendoline Kriek


Thanks so much for the very worthwhile “save a child” course on Saturday. It was really great to brush up on the knowledge (especially after having a scare with our 4 year old). I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to do a refresher or course as you covered the contents really well and it was very easy to follow. I realise that I always have the best intentions in the world of being organised but need extra motivation to do so which I now have.
– Lee Stevenson


Thanks for setting up the interviews for us yesterday. We were really impressed with the caliber of people we spoke to. – Chantelle Goosen